Teach Me

Craftsmanship is an enduring, basic human impulse. Good craftsmanship is a quality that every person has, there is an intelligent craftsman in most of us.
— Richard Sennett

A programme that embodies DFFWAC’s educational component. Centred on the transmission of knowledge between current and future generations of artisans, it presents and creates various typologies of training and information sharing opportunities. In many cases, Teach Me faces situations in which craft-based women clusters are in danger of becoming extinct due to a lack of resources that guarantee their continuity; in other cases, it tackles problems related with the materials themselves; and in others, questions pertaining to the absence of information, lost over time.

Teach Me is transversally and comprehensively directed towards all social and age groups, as well as gender identities. It positions crafts and their different variations — including the use of digital platforms and sustainable materials created through new technologies — as one of the central activities of this new Century.

Timeline: 2021 / 2031