No Borders

The process of integration is a challenge to the renewal of society.
— Roland Barthes

No Borders is an innovative programme that transports crafts into the centre of one of the more complex themes of the beginning of this Century: migration. It aims to prove that migratory patterns and their vast impact on different levels of contemporary society present a stimulating territory for action, which is also fertile for female-produced crafts, underlining the power that they carry in the areas of social and cultural cohesion.

No Borders develops projects directed towards areas of cultural and social contact between migrant communities and those who take them in. In this context, the optimisation and transmission of artisanal expertise carried by female migrants represents not only a form of intercultural communication but also a potential source of income and sustainability for those reaching foreign lands.

By providing a correlation between diverse artisanal practices, through the legacy of migrant communities that settle in new cultural territories and contexts, and the implementation of design methodologies, the No Borders projects promote exchange and understanding, contributing towards processes of integration and adding to overall diversity and value.

No Borders addresses these issues and their potential through the development of projects specific to different countries.

Timeline: 2021 / 2031