The countryside is where radical changes are.
— Rem Koolhaas

According to a UN estimate, by the year 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Agricultural and remote inland territories will increasingly suffer from isolation and desertification. Although we can find crafts in urban contexts, we know that most are based outside metropolitan areas.

The main objective of the Inland programme is to preserve existing female craft-based communities and create a means of diminishing the impact of isolation, as well as to prepare them for sustainable economic development.

The second objective of this programme contributes towards preventing desertification and social inequality. At the same time, it is strongly correlated with large cities, vying to bring to the forefront of their cultural and economic dynamics part of a world that is now distant but of enormous relevance for the sustainability of the planet: through the use of sustainable materials and production methods, as well as the cultural and artistic dimensions it transports.

Timeline: 2020 / 2022