Design Foundation For Women and Crafts


The Design Foundation For Women and Crafts begins as a experimentadesign programme, based on a new structure: the D4C – Design for Crafts Association, created at the start of 2020. With headquarters in Portugal, it is an international platform that welcomes and collaborates with partners worldwide. During the first years of activity, while its programmes and projects are initiated, the transformation into a foundation will be underway, and it will encompass the projects, objectives and mission defined.

  • Creative Director Guta Moura Guedes
  • External Director Rita Sousa Tavares
  • Financial Director Teresa Oliveira
  • Financial Assistant Madalena Madeira
  • Head of Production and Development Joana Morais
  • Production Assistant Mariana Ferreira
  • Head of Communication and Editing Miguel Côrte-Real
  • Communication and Editorial Assistant Maria Sacadura
  • Graphic Designer Margarida Vilhena
  • Web Designer and Developer Mariana Rosa
  • Graphic and Motion Designer Trainee Francisco Bonifácio
  • Graphic and Motion Designer Trainee Maria Caetano
  • Digital Platforms Designer Trainee Viktoria Gretchenko